PUBG is a competitive battle royale sport played online

PUBG is a competitive battle royale sport played online. Built on Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene’s past mods for those other games. PUBG is one of the most popular, well-known, and widely played games of all time.

PUBG first launched for Microsoft Office in March 2017 via Steam’s open beta program. In 2018, PUBG Mobile, a prerelease version of the videogame for Android and iOS, was published. As of 2020, the games had sold over 70 million copies on PC and platforms. Since around December 2020, PUBG Mobile has made approximately $4.3 billion in portable devices. In April 2020, an edition for PlayStation 4 and the Stadia streaming system was launched.

Minimal requirements

PUBG mobile Minimal requirements

Mobile versions of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds are available for Android and iOS. The tournament’s gradual rollout began on March 19, 2018. PUBG Mobile was banned in the United States in September 2020, reportedly because of tensions between China and India. It is upgraded once a month, featuring new content, locations, and buyable items.

Because PUBG Mobile is a continuous online video game, you’ll need internet access to engage. PEGI 16 or Teen rating, with uncensored in-game dialogue and green instead of red blood effects, if shot. A PUBG Starter edition has been available for a few years, but it will be shut down in 2021. The iPhone version requires iOS 9.0 or greater, as well as a variety of iPhone devices dating back to the iPhone 5s.

The fundamentals of gameplay

With 100 participants on such an 8 x 8 km island, the battle royale seems to be a war to the death. There have been 3 different game types to choose from: solo, duet, and squad. You can form a four-player squad by joining forces with three other players. Players are given everything and must scrounge for weapons and equipment. The major advantage of team play is that you also have people cheering you on, rehydrating you, and assisting you in winning.

Islanders live in some kind of a mix of public and private settings, as depicted on the tournament’s top right-hand map. As time goes by, the diameter of the play area shrinks, pushing players to start closer to the center. Unless you’re one of the very last ones standing, every game might go 20-30 minutes.

Those that are left beyond the safe playgrounds will begin to suffer harm and will finally die. So when the remaining few competitors are crammed into a compact space, the game achieves its conclusion.

PUBG Mobile controls and gameplay

The mobile game will have the same playing aspects as the PC and Xbox versions, but it will be controlled via on-screen controllers. These could be customized with a variety of layouts and features to fit the size of any device or your personal tastes.

You can also alter the driving settings in the game, which include a variety of settings. The gameplay is actually quite good and fluid, although some of those with larger displays and much more capable phones have a benefit. There are several visual options available, as well as the games that will choose one for you.

How to play PUBG mobile tutorial

Have you just begun to play PUBG mobile? Or are you a bad player having no idea how to improve your skills in this gameplay? Here we are going to discuss some issues that even some veterans also do not know. But before starting our discussion, you have to keep in mind that practice makes perfect. That means there is something you can learn only through rigorous practice.

  1. Use headphones: Although it is not too important for playing this game, using headphones ensures the players get better spatial awareness and listen to any players, gun firing, or vehicles around them. It will help the players to interact with their teammates.
  2. The microphone is your companion: When the players play this game by pairing up with friends, chatting is important with the team to make strong coordination with teammates. The option to toggle between “team” and “all” is situated on the left of the mini-map. This is important as the players can plan their routes and call out opponents’ locations to others.
  3. Vigil on the mini-map: The mini-map displays players the location of certain sounds such as footsteps, gun firing, or vehicles. This helps the players to take their plans to the next level. You can set up some hiding strategies as per your choice. The noise created by your teammate does not display in the mini-map, so you have to set false alarms.
  4. Select your landing spots carefully: If you are a novice in this game, it is better to avoid landing in any of the major landing spots. Better you select the area of landing on some isolated area with a few houses. This will help you to gather some weapons peacefully. 
  5. Search for signs of people: It is always a wise idea to come close to a location cautiously. If you get a chance, look at the windows to see if there is anyone. Always pay attention to open doors. The game begins with all doors closed. If you see an open door, you have to understand someone has been there. In addition, the parked vehicle makes you feel the presence of anyone.
  6. Choose your weapons wisely: In PUBG mobile, each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. It is good if you try your hand at sniping. These are LMGs like DP-28 and M249. You can pick up these if you find them. Sniper rifles demand a lot of skill for use. 
  7. Run quickly: Your main objective is to reach a safe zone. Sometimes you might be shot while in the vehicle. But ignore this matter. If there is no vehicle, run quickly to reach the safe zone. Keep an eye on the vehicle while running. You can have an energy drink for running faster.
  8. Keep yourself fit: The players need to keep their health at 100% always. Health kits and bandages can keep health to 75. The players need additional energy drinks and painkillers to make it 100.
  9. To prone or not too prone: If the player is being fired, it leaves him slow. The players need to run randomly. Use some cover between the attacker and himself. Either you run or fight back.
  10. Be smart: Being in the blue zone for a longer period makes the player die. If he is outside of this zone, he has to go towards the white zone. By expanding the mini-map the player can see how far he is.