different types of fantasy sports

Fantasy sports are the type of games in which the players gather virtual teams consisting of real players of a professional sport on the internet. These virtual teams compete with the real teams based on certain statistical performances. These managers of fantasy teams select a certain roster according to which the performances are then converted to points which are finally compiled and calculated in the total. 

These point systems are quite simple to understand and can also be calculated manually, which is normally done by the league commissioner who is in charge of the coordination and management of the event. In fantasy sports games, the owners of the teams make the drafts, and trades and also cut down the players simultaneously too real sports.

The Various Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports
  • Daily Fantasy Sports: In this type of fantasy sports game, the players compete with each other by building teams of professional athletes from a particular competition and earn the points on the basis of the actual performance of the players in the actual competition. These daily fantasy sports are generally types of paid competition and are referred to as contests and the winners receive the share of a predetermined fraction of their entry fees.
  • Fantasy Auto Racing: This type of fantasy sports game is normally based on motor games. The scores of the players are determined by the results of the actual racing results of the players. These games can be either free or need to be paid with cash or sports merchandise as their prizes. The rules of this format vary from place to place.
  • Fantasy Baseball: In this type of fantasy sports game, the players act as the owners or managers of the virtual teams that are formed in the games. This game generally involves Major League Baseball and by participating in the draft the players generally select the rosters. And on the basis of real-world matches, the fantasy points are awarded weekly.
  • Fantasy Cricket: In this type of fantasy game, the virtual player’s team is created and on the basis of how the players perform in real-life matches, the scores are distributed. The players must achieve the maximum points along with the highest rank on the leaderboard to win the matches.
  • Fantasy Basketball: This format of fantasy sports games became quite popular after the emergence of the Internet. Like the other types, here too, the players need to take the role of General Managers of the virtual teams formed by drafting the basketball statistics. These statistics can be calculated by the Manager by gaming software.
  • Fantasy Sports Stock Stimulation: This type of fantasy sport generally varies from the standard fantasy sports games as it involves drafting as well as competing for the other teams in a league or match by following certain statistical categories. In this format, the teams are considered as stocks in the stock market that can be easily bought and sold and this helps them acquire earnings based on the statistics. These are almost similar to the game of predictions prevalent in the stock market.

Apart from these types, there are many other fantasy sports games as well where the players play by forming virtual teams.