mobile e-sport games

In the video game business, the gaming industry seems to be a significant segment. It’s difficult to say which videogames are now the “greatest” or “top” mobile games of recent years. Earning profit is what has positioned mobile games as a formidable presence in the games industry.

It’s critical to understand what qualifies a game as a mobile e-sport game. PUBG announced today a $600,000 mobile competition that will take place in six different regions. For competitive matches, the majority of top gamers use non-mobile technologies. Artifact is likely to get into the same boat.

Best Esports Mobile Games
  1. Candy Crush. For 7 years, Candy Crush Saga remained the most popular smartphone game in the United States. On April 12, 2012, King launched a Facebook-exclusive free-to-play puzzle platformer. Candy Crush gamers confessed to disregarding friends and relatives to play these games. The daily income from Candy Crush Saga is $4.2 million. The app can be downloaded over 2.7 billion times. Extra lives, extra movements, and new series are available as in-app purchases. Candy Crush addicts account for 30% of the tournament’s gamers.
  2. PUBG Mobile. In India, PUBG is temporarily unavailable, but fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Players can play alone or in support for up to four rounds, with the match being won by the last person surviving. A PUBG competition with prize money of $1.0 million took place in India. It’s thought to also be India’s second-largest esports event.
  3. Free Fire. In the year 2019, these games will become popular. These games can accommodate a total of 50 players at once. Because of such a pandemic in 2020, they would have to cancel their show. However, they have confirmed that the worldwide free series will return in 2021, featuring play-ins beginning 2021.
  4. Call Of Duty Mobile. The Battlefield series is a collection of first-person action games. Players may participate in competitions or leagues. On November 13, 2020, the latest version was released. This also broke the Guinness Book of World Records for the best-selling first-person shooting series of games.
  5. Arena Of Valor. The Arena of Valour, also known as the Strike of Kings, is an online player fighting arena. Players take control of characters who have each got their own set of skills. Arena of Valor even has two world champion events each year. This resulted in the largest prize money in existence, at $500,000.
  6. League Of Legend Wild Rift. LOL Wild Rift is a more advanced edition of League of Legends for PC. A $200k prize event was recently held in the Philippines by the Wild Rift. The Nexus is a structure in the other team’s base that teams work together to demolish. The winner is determined by which team destroys the Nexus first. A large-scale competition is currently taking place and will soon be arriving in India.
  7. Homescapes. Homescapes is the iPhone’s second-most-profitable platform game. In the United States, they earn about $640,000 every day. Homescapes had been downloaded 28 million times per month, depending on the developer’s prior release, Gardenscapes. Within the first week of its debut, Homescapes was accessed over 7 million different ways.