esports competitions in the world

Esports is not a new thought in today’s world. Today every people know what is Esports and how can we play in esports competition. Not only it is played for entertainment but also we can earn an immeasurable amount. In this article, we will explore some of the best esports competitions held around the world. In this competition, participants are from around the world with different regional and economical backgrounds play with each other. 

Esports competition

best esports competitions
  • 2021 FIFA in Club World cup This World Cup is an online competition played in various places around the world organized by FIFA and EA. These tournaments will feature clubs around the world after online qualification, the best club can organization meet at FIFA E Club World Cup. This World Cup was held in the countries like Africa, Oceania, North America, Asia, South America, and Europe. The price money headed by this is esports competition ranges from $19,000 to $75,000
  • ESL pro league 13: in the year 2021, their 13th season of ESL pro league was held in Euro booster premier League for counter strike and global offensive. A European tournament includes a single round row, mid format, and a group stage format. The winner of a group then progresses to play, but the winning team will join the semi-final. This occurs in play often finally finishing the best of five in the grand finale. The winning team will be awarded $7,50,000 in prices
  • RLCS Season 10: Rocket league esports developed RLCS season 10. it has a different competition in winter, summer, and autumn. Each of these seasonal events has variants in events leading to its international major. For example, a winter tournament is held between 12 teams playing in double-elimination brackets. In the grand finale, teams from the winner bracket clash with the loser brackets.
  • EPIC league season 3: The Dota 2 Epic league season 3 features CIS teams and 16 European competitors for of total price amount of 100000$. The competition starts by inviting sixteen team members who initially played between them in a group stage. At the end of this, the top eight teams lead to Division One and the bottom eight will go to division two. Each division has double denial brackets where all the matches were played between the best of three. The final matches are held in the best of five performances.
  • 2020 Japan League: This league is particularly played in Japan by 6 rainbow players. The competition will commence with a Round Robin of three matches. In this match, the players will generally come from the Japanese region to discover the best esports competition in the country.
  • International 2021: The international competition is the best esports competition of the year. Due to covid 19 pandemic, 2020 events were all canceled. Therefore, the gamers are hopeful that 2021 isn’t hampered due to pandemics. This tournament consists of 18 teams and the prize pool is crowdfunded via sponsorship. In 2019 tournament prices reach up to $34 million and it was predicted that if the match was held in 2021 the price pool may reach at least $40 million.