Chess game rules

You surely would have heard about chess as it has been in the world for a very long time now. In ancient times chess was the best of all the other board games. However, very few people knew how to play in ancient times as it could be challenging to understand and play chess.

Chess game rules have now evolved and updated which one should understand before starting to play chess. Nevertheless, this is a brilliant game for people who want to sharpen their brains as it requires a lot of brainwork to win a chess game. Thus, strategies and moves can turn the game in favor in no time, but you have to play the chess piece very safely and attentively.

Things You Should Know About Chess

Benefits Of Playing Chess

The chessboard has 64 empty squares arranged in an 8×8 rectangle. The pieces are placed at the intersection of the lines on their starting squares. The kings begin at their back rank next to their queen, and their half of the board is considered white. Two players play chess on opposite sides of a board that has 64 squares. The players take turns moving their pieces.

They can move any of their pieces to an empty square on the board, as long as they are not in check. If a piece is attacked by another piece, that attacking piece cannot move that turn again. Confusion is when you are unsure what strategy an opponent’s piece may be on without moving it. The only way to discover this is to move your piece there, and if it is attacked, you can checkmate them.

 How pieces move and capture are all necessary things that everyone should learn in order to play the game well. Thus chess is not only about the brain but also there are some strategies that need practice.

Rules Regarding The Chess Pieces

There are six types of chess pieces present in the game of chess, namely the king, the queen, rook, the bishop, pawns, and the knight. And these all move differently to capture the king of the opponents. Chess is a complex game with many rules that can be difficult to understand at first glance. This overview will leave no topic untouched as we examine the critical rules of chess one by one. Thus it becomes essential to learn the movement of these pieces to make it easier for you to play chess.

  1. The king can only move one square in whichever direction you like if the path is not blocked.
  2. The queen is the crucial factor in winning as it can move anywhere and any number of squares in every direction.
  3. The rook only moves in a horizontal and vertical number of squares.
  4. The bishop is a piece that moves diagonally.
  5. The knight moves two squares in one direction and 1 in the other.
  6. The pawns move one square in front at the beginning of the game, but they can move either one or two squares accordingly.

Earlier Chess Boards

The first chessboard was made of wood and measured only 24 1/2 – 31 1/2″ square. John Waddington made the first “modern” chess set in London in the early 18th century. The square chessboard was an innovation of Frenchman Louis Paulsen in 1864. He designed the eight-lined die with the squares in their proper places, so chess pieces would fit appropriately on them.

Benefits Of Playing Chess

  • Promotes growth of the brain – Chess is effective at mental stimulation. It improves your memory, and ability to concentrate, and boosts your IQ as well. This is an excellent way to exercise your brain. As a result, the brain becomes faster, and it enhances thinking processes.
  • Improves your IQ – It helps to boost your IQ and make you smart. This benefit is a fact that has been checked and tested by many scientists and researchers. Also, it has a positive impact on the problem-solving ability of the people.

Chess is a game of mental might and strategy. It’s not just about winning. Playing this game has emotional, academic, social, and physical benefits. So start playing it on a regular basis to start seeing the change. A person might feel that he is not getting the concept of chess, but he need not worry about it as chess is a matter of practice which will eventually get better once you know all about it. You too can start playing chess to put your brain under some stress to make it work better.